• Marketing Assessment

  • Implementation

Industry – Professional Services
Location – Chicago, IL

As a business grows its needs change. More staff, different software, bigger office space. Some areas grow and change faster than others out of necessity. You NEED more employees, but you don’t need a new marketing plan, social media happens when you have time, and CRM Software can be complicated.

Milhouse Engineering & Construction is a rapidly growing company. They added 50 employees in 2016 but their marketing practices haven’t changed as quickly. However, without a quality marketing group you can’t win new business. Understanding this need, Milhouse engaged me to assess, where their marketing group was at currently and what can be done to improve it as the company continues to grow.

My assessment uncovered the need for clear processes to complete proposals, better tracking of business opportunities, the need for a brand refresh to clearly identify the company differentiators, message, and personality as well as to develop a consist look to all their marketing and sales materials, the need for a communications plan, and for all marketing personnel to have clearly defined roles.

Following their review of the assessment I assisted in implementing many of the recommendations including better utilization of their CRM software, developing communication plans, and a brand refresh. As the company continues to grow these tools with help them communicate clearly with their clients and win more business.

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