• Corporate Photography

Industry – Career Services
Location – Chicago, IL

Websites are essential to running a business for many reasons. It’s often the first impression your customer gets of you and your business. It gives you credibility…if you can’t find a business on the web, do you use them? It’s convenient. Potential customers can learn about your business anytime, anywhere.

However, a website that looks unprofessional is worse than no website. A website needs to be well thought out, easy to navigate, and put together.

I recently worked with Kate Cassidy of Kate Cassidy Coaching to take photographs for her new website. We talked about her business, the services she will be providing, her ideal client, and how she wants to portray herself. Kate has worked in the HR field for over 10 years and part of what has made her so successful is her ability to talk with and connect with people, her upbeat attitude, and her willingness to listen and advise.

We decided to do the shoot at her home. The idea was to show her approachability and upbeat attitude, to really capture her. We spent about a half-day shooting, her friend joined us and we took photos, laughed, and had a great time. It can be hard to be relaxed and comfortable having your photo taken, her friend joining helped make it comfortable and fun.

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