Show off your business

Photography is essential for your business website and marketing materials. People respond to images – they can inform, inspire or tell a story. Headshots can give a glimpse of your personality, show professionalism, and help you connect with customers/clients. Most importantly, quality photography drives sales.


Customers and clients want to know ‘what are you selling?’ So show them – jewelry, clothing, packaged goods, food – professional photos are the best way to help the customer understand what you are offering and why they want to buy it. These photographs can be used on your website as well as social media and in marketing materials.


Corporate Photography includes any photography you use to promote your product, brand or services. Do you need photographs for you brochures, newsletters or other materials? We can work together to determine what you need for the materials you are building.


People love to put a face with a name. A professional headshot shows you are serious about your business. That doesn’t mean it needs to be boring! I can come to your store or office and take environmental portraits in your workspace. Other options include shooting outdoors, or I can set up a mobile studio in your office using a backdrop.